John Lennon’s music hits iTunes

A real surprise have been all the fans of the late ex-Beatle, John Lennon. And, your music can finally be found in the iTunes Music Store . From what we have been able to verify, absolutely all of John Lennon’s musical work ( after the group’s separation ) has been taken to the most popular music store in the United States. This release coincides with the 70th anniversary of his birth . One detail to take into account in this particular case is that his widow Yoko Ono once said that she was against taking the music of The Beatles and Lennon to the digital format .

Apparently Ono has changed his mind and in the end has realized that this is a very good deal, both for Apple, and for the record company, as well as for her . The discography appeared on iTunes United States from the weekend and spread to the rest of the stores on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The most optimistic fans believe this may be the first step for The Beatles’ music to appear on iTunes in the medium term, although this will not necessarily be the case because EMI did not record Lennon’s records, but Capitol Records.

Among Lennon’s musical works available in the store, we can tell you that most of them have been remastered ( the sound has been improved ) and even 2 of them have extra content known as iTunes LP . And finally and for people to be encouraged to buy John Lennon’s music, Apple is giving away the song (Just Like) Starting Over (2010 Remix) – Single , which can be downloaded directly from the iTunes Music Store.…